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The 3-week data acquisition phase of Project Lake Azuei was completed at the end of January 2017.  
We are now in the data processing and interpretation phase which will continue through 2019.  As progress is made on this project, reports, presentations, images and publications will be posted here.  For the full Field Report, please go to the "FIELD REPORT" tab.
To highlight undergraduate student contributions to this project, we will display their work on a dedicated "STUDENT WORK" page of this site.

Above: Brute stack of multi-channel seismic profile 401, showing penetration of at least 150 m beneath the lakebed.  The sub-lakebed  structures have evaded detection in previous surveys.

Left: Opening a core. Casey Hearn, URI-GSO graduate student, and Danielle Cares, URI-GSO Marine Research Specialist, opening core and Rachel Stempel, Lehman undergraduate, and Oliver Lucier, URI-GSO SURFO undergraduate, in the background.

Above: Open core ready for analysis. (Green packing material at top of core.)

Data processing and core analysis has begun! 
2018 Fall Meeting of the AGU
Signature of Transpressional Tectonics in the Holocene Stratigraphy of Lake Azuei, Haiti: Preliminary Results from a High-Resolution Subbottom Profiling Survey
Cormier, M.-H., H. Sloan, D. Boisson, K. Guerrier, B. Brown, C. K. Hearn, C. W. Heil, R. P. Kelly, J. W. King, R. Stempel, R. Momplaisir, S. J. Symithe, P. Knotts, O. F. Lucier, S. M. J. Ulysse, and N. J. Wattrus,
Subbottom seismic profiling survey of Lake Azuei, Haiti: Seismic signature of paleo-shorelines in a transpressional environment and possible tectonic implications. 
Sloan, H., M.-H. Cormier, B. Brown, D. Boisson, K. Guerrier, C. K. Hearn, C. W. Heil, R. P. Kelly, J. W. King, R. Momplaisir, L. Hines, R. Stempel, P. Knotts, S. J. Symithe, O. F. Lucier, S. M. J. Ulysse, and N. J. Wattrus
Transpressional Tectonics across the N. American-Caribbean Plate Boundary: Preliminary Results of a Multichannel Seismic Survey of Lake Azuei, Haiti.
Hearn, C. K., M.-H. Cormier, H. Sloan, N. J. Wattrus, D. Boisson, B. Brown, K. Guerrier, J. W. King, P. Knotts, R. Momplaisir, C. C. Sorlien, R. Stempel, S. J. Symithe and S. M. J. Ulysse,
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